Ray's Kidz


The main hook to draw in at-risk youth to the West and North Area Athletic and Education Centers has been their state of the art boxing program.  In 2011, the centers competed at over 30 boxing events, had the best winning percentage of any team in their district, and was the only gym to boast 4 Nationally Ranked junior athletes.  For the first time ever, two National Champions came from Syracuse, as Shannon "the Cannon" Ford and Carlos Osorio both won the National Silver Gloves Tournament of Champions.

Although the two centers strive in amateur competition, the majority of youth in the gym never step foot in the ring for physical contact.  Instead, they use the boxing program for stress relief, and to develop the necessary life skills to function as better citizens.  Those who do want to compete, take an average of 6 months before they start physical contact, and up to a year before a competition.  Ray Kidz

Our adult Boxing Classes are availbale at both Centers.  The times are 4:30-6:30 Mon-Fri.  The cost is $40 per person per month.  We use the income from the adult program to help fund the youth programs.  Please use the NAAEC Adult Membership Form or WAAEC Adult Membership Form to sign up today!